Ogasawara 2008 Project - 2m EME by JD1BLY and JD1BMP


If I remember, EME activity on JD1-Ogasawara has been only once by 7J1YAM team in 1998. Their equipments are 2 x 12 elements Yagies, 200W legal power and managed a few QSOs on 2m CW mode. There is very difficult problem to get higher power station license for 2m and above in Japan (as you know, Ogasawara is in Japan). To have higher power license, we must pass direct inspection by Postal Telephone and Telegraph division of Japanese government but no PTT office in Ogasawara and the distance between Tokyo and Ogasawara is 25.5 hours journey by ship. So that nobody tried to get the license. Last spring we decided to go Ogasawara 2008 project which includes high power 2m EME operation. JI5RPT as JD1BLY, Makoto started hard negotiations with PTT to dispatch inspectors to Ogasawara. As a result, two inspectors stayed in shack at Ogasawara and we could get the station licenses, 1kW on 160-6m, 500W on 2m, 100W on 70cm.

Way to the 1st. contact

At first, Makoto arrived Ogasawara alone on Feb. 13rd. and he built all our antennas that are Aki special for 160m, full size verticals for 80/40m and 4 x 11 elements Yagies for 2m by himself. I got together with him at noon Feb. 19th with two PTT inspectors after 25 hours half seasickness. Inspection has done without any problem in the afternoon but we could not success any QSO on 2m. We got some bi-directinal signals only with JH0MHE Shiro and JR3REX in a few hours. Bloody hell! We had a mistake in matching phase by incorrect direction by antenna manufacturer. I came to term with inability to get any station at 1st. day. I went to bed before the European window because I felt tired. So we lost best window in our expedition. Next morning we fixed the phase match and completed beam pattern test.

I, JD1BMP started calling CQ on 144.075 JT65B 1st. sequence from 09z. We got a -20dB signal from VK2KU and completed the 1st. ever with him at long last, 0940z on Feb. 20th. And after two ZLs QSO has managed by JH0MHE as the pilot station at 1014z. We could get a great pileup like a good modern music because here located in low noise extremely, so -24dB signal was able to got by our ears! The 50 of EME QSOs have managend at that day. I went to bed with great satisfaction after breakfast in that morning.

Day by day

On Feb 21st., we succeeded 28 QSOs. We heard good music in that morning too. We started to get HB9Q on 70cm but we couldn't reach to him by QRP setup.

We managed 2 JAs and 6 Ws only at the NA window on Feb. 22nd. Condition has changed worse. 12 QSOs have managed at that European window.

It was rainy, we couldn't see the moon and we tried a blind flight on Feb. 23rd. The echo of calling CQ by K9MRI was strong and we started calling CQ but no taker has got at that NA window in that day. We could get a great grand gain at that European window. Before 8 degrees there were some takers but we couldn't complete even one QSO with rapid faraday rotation. Even in such condition we managed many QSOs with GG at that European window. Our total EME QSOs has been 104 then.

Total QSOs were 114 QSOs on Feb. 24th. DGRD was no good but it was easy to copy many station.

It was final day for EME operation and no window for NA on Feb. 25th. At 10 degrees we got great our echos but we worked only a few contacts. The last QSO was worked with DD0VF. We have managed total 119 2m EME QSO with 6 days operations in Ogasawara.


2m EME logs are here.


We will start to send QSL cards for request by 2m EMEer from 3rd. week of March. Please enclose SAE and 1 IRC or 2 GS in your QSL card envelope.


Season. At deciding the schedule, we looked around about DGRD only and we did not do about window length for NA and Europe. And midnight to early morning operations were harmful for us. It would be easy in that we had the moon in daytime. At next Ogasawara EME activity, we want to tour around and see many other thinks.

Antenna. A Japanese antenna manufacturer's 4 Yagies were looked at good performance but those packages are too long size for handling by the carrier. And faraday polarity rotation was often aggravated us. We will have to get compact dual polarity array for field operation.

Time base. We prepered Garmin GPS-III and installed GPS software into the PC but that system didn't work well. We set PC clock by hand while watching the radio-controlled clock.

6m, 70cm EME and HF RTTY. Shortage of resources was happened, only two operators, single band operation at same time and limited power source (100V 30A). We couldn't reach to any station on 70cm and we were not able to work for 6m at that time. We will try to work for 6m in the next activity in Ogasawara. HF RTTY remain at the 400 QSO level.

Thanks to...

SAKAIURA FAMILY: guest house and shack
JM1LJS(JD1BLK), JD1BKW and JI5USJ: many informations and arrangements
JH0MHE: pilot station
JM1GSH and JG8SUV: EL rotator
7N2JZT: our logo
DL8EBW: online log

And all of EME friends!!

Our project home page is here.
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