Network stumbler for WaveLAN/IEEE wireless
networking of NetBSD

    wistumbler - Network stumbler for WaveLAN/IEEE wireless networking

SYNOPSIS wistumbler interface [-f logfile] [-g gpsdev] [-d]

DESCRIPTION The wistumbler command display and logging WaveLAN/IEEE wireless networking Access Point via the wi(4) and awi(4) drivers. The iface argument given to wistumbler should be the logical interface name associated with the WaveLAN/IEEE device (e.g. wi0, wi1, etc.). The following options are available: -f logfile set logfile name. It will be write when quit. -g gpsdev set gpsdev name (e.g. /dev/dty01, etc.). -d enable debug message to console.

SEE ALSO awi(4), wi(4), wiconfig(8)

DOWNLOAD Please download from here.
Also anonymous CVS is available. % cvs -d login At the prompt, enter the return % cvs -d co wistumbler
And cvsweb of wistumbler is also available.

REQUIREMENT You will need the following packages in order to build and install wistumbler under NetBSD. gtk+-1.2.10 glib-1.2.10nb1
We recommend you will build and install via NetBSD's package system. WiStumbler is at pkgsrc/net/wistumbler in -current pkgsrc.
If you have GPS receiver which support NMEA formatted output, you can recored the position of the AP.

SCREEN SHOT There is a screen shot of wistumbler.

BUGS This is very initial release and has only poor function. If you make patch, please let me know.

AUTHORS The wistumbler command was written by Isao SEKI <>.